We are committed to providing our members with access to the best available care in as many ways as possible. We believe it is important for our members to be well informed and to participate as partners in their own healthcare. We are therefore pleased to provide you with a library of procedure and treatment information guides.

Being told that you require surgery can make you feel anxious. You may have trouble understanding what your doctor tells you if it contains too much technical detail and/or there is too much information to take in at once.

These guides offer more information regarding medical procedures and treatment and what you may expect when you go to hospital. They provide facts so you know exactly what to expect. You may read them in your own time to be fully informed and prepared for your surgery. You can either find a procedure by clicking on one of the categories below or by searching for it.

The guides will be available soon!

At Bankmed Medical Scheme, we know it is not always easy to understand the somewhat complex world of healthcare cover and how certain benefits work. To explain your benefits and help you understand your specific health plan better, we have provided a few short, informative videos. These videos will also provide you with useful tips to manage your health plan and avoid possible gaps in cover.

Videos will be available soon!