Notices of Motions for the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM), taking place on Thursday 28 June 2018

The deadline for submission of the motions for the 2018 AGM is 30 April 2018. Motions received after this deadline will not be considered for discussion.

How to submit a motion

Valid motions must be submitted in writing to the Principal Officer via the channels stipulated below.

The submission must be clearly marked as “Notices of Motions for the 2018 AGM” and addressed to “The Principal Officer: Bankmed Medical Scheme”. Motions are required to reach the Principal Officer by 30 April 2018.

Kindly use one of the convenient channels below to submit your motion:

To avoid the risk of postal delays, where possible, we encourage you to submit your motion by e-mail or fax, rather than by post.

We request that you do not include any other correspondence or queries with your motion submission.

Although late motions cannot be addressed at the AGM, we will gladly address these separately, where applicable. We do, however, encourage you to submit your motions on time so that they can be included for discussion at the AGM.